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It is all about the journey.

More Than Trail, Inc. is a PA-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded for the simple reason of leveraging the power of the running community for the betterment of all in those communities we live in.    Our founder, pictured above, had the idea of this type of organization cemented in his mind when he reached the summit of the infamous hill called 'Rat Jaw' during his run of the 2020 Barkley Fall Classic 50k.   The feeling of belonging and the feeling of the universal support that he was getting from other runners, along with the realization that through perseverance and faith all things are indeed possible, made him realize there is a huge untapped energy and sense of community in endurance athletes. 


This energy goes well beyond that of sport.   And when it was all said and done, it was at this point he realized he was running much more than just a trail.     

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.   We desire to use the dedication and commitment of the endurance athlete for a broader good.  Through persistence, we will help nurture and protect the natural environment that we all leverage everyday.   Through passion, we will improve the communities we work, live and play in by developing programs that promote health through running for individuals of all paces and faces.   With dedication, our events will support a select group of initiatives / organizations that serve a public good.  



How we make an impact?

We were founded in 2020 and we tie that into our brand's vision. 


Pay It Forward

20% of the net income from any events we host will go directly back to the organizations that we partner with that support the environment and our local communities.  It's our commitment to the power of the network that enables positive change.    While we are a not for profit, we absolutely see the positive power corporations can bring to its stakeholders - customers, staff, volunteers, partners and communities alike.  We believe directly telling you that 20% of all money we collect from you is given back to the causes/organization we partner with allows for complete transparency.   There is no wondering how much of your money is going to the initiatives we support and we hope that helps build trust.   This shows we believe that it is the portion of your contribution that makes a difference, not a portion of any profits. 

Live The Brand

We strive to have 20% of our time each week used to live out our brand and mission.    No better way than to lead from the front.    If we are going to ask our customers and members to do something, we feel we need to also be doing it.  So we run.  We clean up trails.  We volunteer.     We care about our communities.   We love the great outdoors.   We enjoy the high of running and find comfort in the discomfort.   We do what we ask you to do.  No better way for our brand to come alive than to ensure it is alive in each and every person associated to our organization.  And we want that to come alive in our brand.


Being a non-profit means we strive to be a community asset.  To us that means we need your support and trust.     As part of gaining your trust, we believe we must be transparent in what we do with all revenue, funds received and time donated.      The below graphic represents that transparency.

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