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Coaching Services

We believe having access to a certified run coach is extremely beneficial to anyone desiring to improve their running or even to just build a solid base.   But one of the biggest barriers for individuals to hire a coach is the cost.   So at More Than Trail, we strive to make coaching not only accessible but feasible for the average person.   Therefore, we have four plans to choose from.

About Coach Steve  

Coach Steve is an RRCA certified coach who believes that all runners can benefit from the guidance and accountability that comes with having an experienced coach helping guide them.   Steve started his runner career as a high-school cross-country and track athlete and this continued through college.   As an adult, Coach Steve turned his attention to marathoning where he is a 5-time Boston Marathon qualifier with a marathon PR (at Boston) of 2:51.    Since then he has completed several ultra-marathons from 50k's to 100 miles including a sub-24 hour 100 miler and two 50k finishes of the Barkley Fall Classic (which includes the infamous hills of Frozen Head State Park, the home of the Barkley Marathons).   Steve's coaching approach is simple: tailor programs to the individual runner's goals through sound best practices, and share his experience at all distances to ensure every one of his athletes feels like they have a partner in their journey!   

Plan #1 - Training Consultation and Guidance ($65 - one time)

Once you provide your current routine and recent results, your goals and your current plan, a coach will sit down with you (or will meet virtually) and will walk you through any gaps we see, suggest areas for improvement, provide feedback on appropriate paces and insights to specific predictors to help you reach your goals.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions with the intent of this plan to get information to you that will improve your results.    In this approach, you own the plan, but the coach will provide some guidance and feedback at the start or at any point during your training that you request a consultation.

Plan #2 - Coach Developed Plan (Roughly $10 per week planned - one time)

Once you complete a runner profile that includes an overview of your current routine, any recent results, your goals, your likes/dislikes as it pertains to running and several other pieces of useful information, a coach will sit down with you to review.   After the review, the coach will develop the appropriate plan that targets your goal.    This plan will be a week by week plan including details tied to the daily workouts that could include distance, pace, or time goals for each workout.    Included in this plan is a checkpoint meeting half way through the program to assess progress and any suggested tweaks.  


  • A typical marathon plan is 16-20 weeks, or $200.

  • A typical half-marathon plan is 10-12 weeks, or $120.

  • A typical 5k/10k plan is 6-8 week, or $80.

Plan #3 - Assisted Coaching (Roughly $10 per week planned plus $65/month)

This plan creates a partnership with your coach during the duration of the commitment.   It includes:

  1. The Coach Developed Plan approach listed above; 

  2. Plus, you'll have the ability to email or text your coach with updates, questions or concerns.   

  3. On a monthly basis, your coach will meet with you in-person or virtually to review your training plan and progress.    Changes to the plan developed can occur at any time based on progress or concerns that have arisen.   Please note, a 3 month commitment is required.


Plan #4 - Active Coaching ($100 per month)

This is the most hands on plan we have.   It starts with the Plan Development approach listed above.   But the plan is delivered to you each week and progress is reviewed and adapted (if needed) each week based on your feedback.   You'll have the ability to email or text your coach with updates, questions or concerns.   Adhoc meetings can be requested as schedules allow.   This level of coaching is really meant to make you feel like you have an experienced training partner by your side, because you will!   We kindly ask you commit to (but not required) at least 4 months with this type of plan.   If you commit to 4 months or more, we discount the price to $85 per month (a 15% savings).

Ready to go!

If you have questions or want to get started, email ""

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