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Programs and Events

Our programs and events will range from outreach initiatives, run meetups, educational forums, trail maintenance, races, and other charity volunteering opportunities.

For 2022 and beyond, the following are our core focus initiatives:

1.  Diversity and Inclusion 

Let's face it, more diverse and inclusive running communities help ensure our broader communities also reflect the same ideals.   We will do this through community outreach and through strategies to make races and runs more affordable and accessible to all.    

2.  Runner Engagement and Education 

Our focus here will be promoting run meetups (either ours or other groups), offering coaching services to interested runners, conduct educational and seminars, and other various runner specific clinics.   We want more individuals to get involved and be happy with their progress.

3.  Environment Sustainability 

The goal of this program will focus on the betterment of the environment.   Not only will trail maintenance and forestation be a focus, but so will building innovative approaches to reducing trash and reducing our carbon footprint.   We will strive to be a carbon neutral organization.    

4.  Community Engagement

Most runners seek to engage and socialize with other runners, to find fun and unique opportunities to test their limits or to celebrate their training efforts, or to just explore.   We will focus on giving them those opportunities by hosting our own events and/or working with many of the other groups and organizations with similar mindsets.

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for a list of upcoming events.

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